Sumimasen again

Sumimasen means "Excuse me","I apologize" or, occasionally, "Thank you" in Japanese.


Non title

I visited my mom’s grave in Kanagawa prefecture today. She died at her age of 65 several years ago. She'd been seriouly sick with cancer.

Years ago, she divorced my dad, and married another man. I hadn’t seen her for years. In early spring of 2008, I finally saw her lying in the coffin at her funeral.

I should’ve kept in touch with her more often, but there kind of had been something not to put me through.

 I regret it.

The grave stands on the hillside that commands a splendid view of the ocean. There I looked up the blue sky a while, and mulled over if I could do somthing so as to let her have happy final days for the rest of her life. I wish her soul will be totally consoled, and with me as long as I live in the universe.



The fireworks were so amazing!


At the beach shack

Crashed ice flavored with lemon syrup.


The trio

These 3 bottles of wine are all Spanish ones I like. Reasonable price, good taste.


Long time no see

This is my jogging course. Spring has finally come after the long long chilly season.


I gave you my heart

 Queen of Hearts from California. Hope it's tasty.


Stand SOBA me....

Soba, or buckwheat noodle, is a food special to Japan. There is a soba restaurant that opens until 2 am midnight in my town, and I often drop by and enjoy one there after working.

Normally you pick some with chopsticks and dip it in special sauce before putting it into your mouth. you may add seasonings such as wasabi, or horseradish and Welsh onion or whatever to the sauce.

 "Soba" also means "nearby" "neighboring" "by"or "close to". So once people would enjoy a poetry or something like: "I prefer anata-no-soba (staying with you all the time) to any scrumptious soba which comes up first in the season.